Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Read any good books lately?

About 4 years ago, before my journey through infertility and into mamahood started, one of my favorite things to do was sit down with a good book.  Then all of my reading switched over to books about infertility, PCOS, making babies, growing babies, raising babies, helping babies sleep, living with little to no sleep, teaching babies sign language, you get the idea.  So in an attempt to get back to a little bit of that person I used to know and love, I want to start reading for fun again!  But I need some help and recommendations.  I'm never good at finding new books to read.  I find an author that I like, read everything they've written, and then start looking again.  I also used to read a lot of Young Adult books.  Partially because of my teaching background and partially because I just think there are some amazing YA books out there.  Anyway, please share a book you love with me so that I can get back to it!


  1. I will (sheepishly) admit that I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and you know what? They're a lot of fun.

    But some of my favorites (that aren't trashy vampire novels) are: The Sparrow, Ahab's Wife, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and the Red Tent. Enjoy your reading; I know I do!

  2. I like the Sookie Stackhouse novels too. I have for years, way before the series came out. I tried watching the series, but I couldn't stomach it because it wasn't enough like the books! ;)

    Janet Evanovich has a good series. The first book is One for the Money. They are funny! She is up to #17 now. She too is coming out with a movie soon, but I refuse to watch it because again, the screen is never as good as the page.

    I also read a lot of YA. Right now I am reading the Fablehaven series.

  3. Oh gosh, doors you can open by asking about books! :)
    you've probably heard some of these but just in case you haven't....

    For YA, I tell everyone about the Hunger Games and I recently read Matched by Ally Conde which I thought was great. I came across Looking for Alaska recently and while it did not blow me away I enjoyed it.

    My bookclub loved The Help and Water for Elephants (both coming out in movies soon, but always read the book first!)

    I just love The Time Traveler's Wife and try to get everyone to read it.

    For fluff I really enjoyed the Nora Robert's Circe Trilogy and the Born In trilogy

  4. I'm so excited for the book recommendations. Keep them coming!! I wanted to go to the library with Bean today to get us both some new books (she's in love, totally her mama's girl) but discovered due to budget cuts that it's closed on Fridays. BOO! So hopefully I can get started next week. Thank you!!