Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's been that kind of day

I still don't think I've recovered from the trip to my parents this weekend.  I'm exhausted and the thing I've been afraid to talk about (Bean sleeping through the night for a week straight), lest it come to an end, seems to be coming to an end.

I felt overwhelmed with things to do today.  A "fun" lunch with a friend went by in a blur.  I know we talked about things but I have no idea what.  I just remember that Bean didn't want to eat anything that I had to offer her and that she was bored about 5 seconds in.  Halfway through the afternoon (with no nap because she's totally off schedule after the weekend), when Bean was feeding Mr. Pup Pup from the exer.saucer (which I wouldn't care about except that he then barks and begs at anything he thinks could be a food source for a week later) and I was trying to get things going for a dinner that I hoped Bean would actually eat (she kind of did), I lost it.  

I shooed Pup Pup out of the kitchen and took Bean out of the exer.saucer to play with some bowls while I finished up.  Minutes later she was dumping Pup Pup's water bowl all over the kitchen floor.  All I could do was laugh at that point.  What else can you do?  I'm seriously in need of a mama time out and I know it, I just have to find time for it.  

I spent my time washing dishes tonight thinking about a post complaining about all the extra jobs that a stay at home mama has, and that it's one of the only professions (yes, I consider it a profession) where you're given so many extra responsibilities on top of the one your job title actually is for (I know that there are a lot of other jobs like this too, but I wanted to complain).  By the time I was done though, I was tired of being grumpy.  I don't like it and while there are a lot of things I have no control over, I do have control over this.  So instead I want to focus on the things that were good about today, in no particular order.

1) I wore a new pair of jeans that are a size smaller then my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Yes, the store may have "adjusted" their sizes, but I'd like to think that I've adjusted my waistline.

2) Bean is starting to figure out that you can refill containers (drawers, laundry baskets, toy bins) and it can be just as much fun as emptying them.  YAY!!

3) I had a delicious chocolate dessert at lunch today.  That probably will work against #1, but it was just what I needed at the time.

4) I have a wonderful hubby who recognizes my need for a mama's time out and is working to make sure I get it.  Probably harder then I'm working myself.

5) Pup Pup is the only dog I know who will sit in front of something he can't have, ready for the taking, and just cry.  Why he doesn't take it, I don't know.  Somehow I think I've managed to make a dog feel guilty.  Hmm...maybe that shouldn't be a good thing.

6) Because of sacrifices we've made, I am able to stay at home all day with Bean.  Yes, it may be the hardest job I've ever done, but the smiles, snuggles, attempts at raspberries on my belly, and her new head bop dance make it all worth while.

7) Hubby is in charge of bath time and I get a few minutes to collect my thoughts.

I could go on, but I'm already feeling better, and I need to go start a load of laundry.  I hope you all find a way to see the good in today too.  No matter how hard it may be sometimes.  Seriously, if these are the worst of my problems today, may I always be so blessed.

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  1. So true. I waste too much energy and time complaining about the things that shouldn't matter. Thanks for sharing!