Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Advice Please

I have a lot of thoughts rumbling around in my head but all my time today went to Bean, my mother-in-law, and commenting on other people's blogs, so those will have to wait.  I do have a question that I'd like to get out there though because I'd like some advice.

As I mentioned in last months intro for ICLW (which you can read here, I should have linked this up sooner for those of you who are visiting for the first time, sorry!), I started a moms group for people who started their families through infertility treatments or adoption.  It's been going really well and I'm realizing how needed this group is.  People are traveling from an hour or two away to come, which I think shows that we need more groups like this out there!  But it also makes me realize that I bet a lot of local people would love to join if they knew that it existed.

Which brings me to my question.  It seems to me that one of the best places to advertise this group could be at my RE's office, but it also seems like that could be one of the worst places to advertise it.  I'm sure there are other moms who are going to that office to try for their second, third, or more babies, but I also know that there are a lot of women going there who are still waiting on their first miracle.  I do not want to do anything to make their lives more difficult or make their time in that office any more stressful.  What do you all think.  Would advertising a support group for infertile moms at the RE's office be totally thoughtless to the patients there that aren't yet moms?  If so, any other ideas as to how I could get the word out?  I'm already leaning in one direction myself, but I'm curious to hear what all of you have to say.  I respect your opinions so much, thank you in advance!


  1. What a great idea for a group! And yes, the need is definitely there.

    While I'm sure you might get a few new members from advertising at an RE's office, I don't think it would be worth the pain it would inflict on patients still TTC #1. I think an OB's office, or particularly a MFM/ Perinatologists office would be a great place to advertise. Good luck!

    ICLW #5

  2. You could also ask for a brochure to be included in the bag of goodies/info that OB offices give out during pregnancy.

  3. I like the idea C had about using an OB's office. You could avoid the potential hurt feelings as well as still hit a target audience: new moms-to-be. I think a group like this is a great idea.


  4. I was leaning in this direction as well. It is a little tricky because I do feel like I could find the most mamas who have suffered with infertility that way, but I wouldn't want to cause any hurt. I've also thought about pediatricians offices. I guess I have some work to do to get stuff up in all those offices around town. Sometimes I think I worry too much and over think everything, so I wanted to throw it out there, but you guys confirmed what I was already thinking. Thanks so much for the input!

  5. How did you get your group started? I've thought of trying to do something similar...

    Perhaps your RE would be willing to give the information to patients and that way it's not advertised for all to see? Best of both worlds?


  6. Does your RE or your OB have an online message board they would post something on? Or can you advertise through your local hospital, maybe in the maternity unit? My local hospital has all sorts of support groups.

  7. Definitely the OB over the RE. You might also want to hook up with your local "Moms of Multiples" club and let them know that you're club is happening. I only went to one MOM meeting before losing my twins and thus no longer qualifying to be a member of the club, but I'm sure that several of the moms there got their multiples via medical assistance.

    Also look at the hospitals that offer various parenting classes. The birthing classes, the day with baby classes, those kinds of things. I would think they might be open to giving out contact information for various parenting clubs and support groups along with some of their other handouts.

  8. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Yeah, I would second the consensus on targeting OBs. One thing I love about my infertility clinic is the respect the patients have for one another. Women don't bring their children into the waiting room and I've never seen a pregnant belly in there (the clinic only does infertility). In the parking lot, however there's usually a car or two containing Daddy and the baby/toddler. I always silently applaud those women, except when they park next to my car. I feel like the clinic is my one place of refuge.

  9. I agree with everyone - a generic ad in the RE's office wouldn't be a welcome sight for many. On the other hand, if you know the office manager or the doc, they might take some flyers or brochures or whatever and discretely give them to mommas when they pass them off to the regular OB.