Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Inspiration: The R House

So back before I started blogging, before we had Bean, I found several blogs that were just what I needed at the time. Most of them were what I would call strictly infertility blogs.  Then our doctor started talking to us about IVF and we started talking about the financial aspect of all of that.  We wanted to look into all of our options and start thinking about adoption and not just IVF.  So I started searching online and found a few adoption blogs.  The one that I found most helpful was Lindsey's blog at The R House.

Up until that point when we talked about adoption we talked a lot about international adoption.  Hubby is Asian and that made us think a lot about adoption from the country where his parents grew up.  I honestly had some worries about open adoption, which seemed the norm with a domestic adoption.  Mostly my worries stemmed from the fact that I didn't know that much about it.  So when I found Lindsey's blog, I have to say I was so thrilled to find someone who wrote so honestly about her experiences with adoption and shared what an open adoption can be like.  What I appreciated especially was that she didn't sugar coat anything.  She talked about the things that were hard just as much as the things that were amazing.  I was especially moved when she shared the entire process of going through a contested adoption.

Besides Lindsey's honesty, the other thing that has inspired me about her, is her desire to be an advocate for adoption.  I have the same desire when it comes to infertility.  I want to have more of a voice and I want to have my voice make a difference.  I want to see change in the way infertility is viewed by the public and in the financial burden that it puts on all of us.  I just don't have a great idea about how to go about doing that.  Lindsey doesn't seem to have that problem though.  She does an amazing job getting information about adoption out there, and she inspires me to figure out a way to do the same.

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