Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nesting kicking in

Things have been crazy and exhausting around here.  I'm seriously at the brink of exhaustion.  I don't know if I mentioned it before but a few months ago we had a leak in our bathroom that lead to the discovery of mold behind the walls.  Not good.  Especially with a toddler and baby on the way.  We knew this bathroom was going to have to be remodeled eventually but it got fast tracked at that point.  So we started looking for contractors and finally found one we felt good about and got on his schedule. The reno started right after Christmas and it's in full swing now.  Hopefully this is the last week but everyday that they've been here working, I've been packing up Bean and the dog and finding places for us to go for the day.  I've been dragging bags of toys, food, nap blankets, all of it everyday.  And I'm tired.  And I want to just stay home.  So does Bean.  I know it will all be worth it in the end, but man, right now, I want to do anything but this.  Not good timing.

By the time this weekend hit I was so exhausted.  And my plan was to do nothing all weekend because our go to person (which in reality means our only person) to take care of Bean while we're in the hospital is out of town this weekend.  She's coming back tomorrow and I will be SO relieved.  I kept trying to think of back up plans in case I went into labor and I couldn't think of one.  Which makes me a little sad.  My MIL and parents are all within a half hour, but for various reasons aren't options.  We have friends, but none of them that Bean knows well enough to be comfortable staying with for that long.  And the people we love and wouldn't blink to ask to help us in this kind of situation?  They all live about 5 hours away.  Thank goodness for my great luck in having a dear friend end up near by just a few years ago.  I can't imagine life without her there now.

Anyway, I'm getting off track.  My plan was to do nothing this weekend to ensure that I wouldn't go into labor.  All the sudden though I just wanted to do all this stuff around the house.  Partly because I couldn't do any of it this week since I was never here, but also I know that it's just the end of pregnancy kicking in.  We cleaned out all the Christmas stuff, rearranged our family room, cleaned everything we could including the basement, and on and on.  I did at least six loads of laundry, started up some sewing projects I've been putting off, and cleaned out the freezer so I can start making food for Bean to have while we're not here.  It feels good to have gotten so much done, but I realize that I was probably crazy taking so much on.  I'm tired and the week of bouncing around from place to place is stretching out in front of me.  I'm just hoping that this is the last week and the bathroom is done come Friday.

I can't believe that I'll be 37 weeks this week!  Full term.  I've been waiting for that for so long and I'm just so thrilled that we've made it this far.  Now we just have to finalize names and get some last minute details in place.  Tomorrow is my next OB appointment and I'm anxious to see if anything is happening.  I'll try to be better about updating and I am so thankful for all of you that are checking in.  We feel very blessed and excited at the start of this year.  It's hard to believe that a year ago I had just gotten my shipment of meds and now here we are, almost full term.  So very blessed.


  1. Wow! Time has flown! I'll be thinking about your family and sending positive vibes your way.

  2. Holy cow, that is just not the time that you are wanting to be doing a reno!!! But if it has to be done, better now that when you have your little one, you wouldn't want to have to add a newborn to drag all around the show. Try to get as much rest as you can and I am SOOOOO excited, can't wait to hear the fabulous news!! Good luck this week, I hope you can get some rest where you can!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm hoping that the bathroom will be done soon and that rest will actually happen. Not counting on it though.