Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good friends, good food

Today we had our second Thanksgiving.  Our first was last week with my parents and today we celebrated with hubby's mom and one of my dearest friends.  There's a group of four of us from college who have stayed friends since we've graduated and are more family now then friends.  I love them all dearly.  We've been scattered around the country until last year when one of my wonderful friends came to live less then a half hour from me.  What an incredible gift that has been.  We have become even closer in the last year and I just love having my dear friend so close by.

This afternoon she came over and we cooked up a delicious meal for our second Thanksgiving.  I love cooking and baking but since Bean was born, I find it challenging to have enough time to do it as much as I used to.  Weeks ago we planned a menu for today and divided up the tasks.  Everything went so smoothly, was so much fun, and really turned out perfectly.  Not only that, but I got to do all the "work" with someone whose company I really enjoy.  It doesn't get much better then that.

So tonight I go to bed full and happy.  Happy to be home, surrounded by those that I love, and ready to face whatever the rest of the holiday season has to throw at me.  Actually, I'm really excited about it.  I can't wait to share all the things I love about this time of year with Bean.

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