Friday, November 25, 2011

Beautiful weather

We've been busy today.  Or rather I have been.  I haven't had much time to spend with Bean, or anyone else, and have been trying to get as much done as I can to be a help to others.  I'm tired and the day was rather stressful.  At one point Bean went into full on melt down mode and I was reminded that as much as I need to help others, my first and foremost responsibility is to Bean.  So I dropped it all, got her in her boots and coat, put a leash on Pup Pup, and Hubby and I headed outside with everyone.  The weather was beautiful today.  Warm and pleasant, which I appreciate because Bean has been sick and if it's really cold we've been trying to play inside.  We forgot about all of our responsibilities and ran around, from one end of the yard to the other and back again.  It was blissful and I am so thankful for the chance to drop it all and just enjoy a beautiful day with my beautiful baby.


  1. Glad you got to enjoy a great moment! :) Stopping by from ICLW!

  2. Sometimes we try to do too much and forget to just be. Children are wonderful at reminding us what is important. Glad you had a great time with your family. ;-)

  3. You're so right Kmina! I'm glad that Bean reminds me to slow down. I have to, i just don't want to miss anything!!