Monday, June 4, 2012


This morning I went in for my latest ultrasound because my doctor couldn't confirm that she could see the yolk sac when I went in on Friday.  Almost immediately after she started the ultrasound she said that she saw the yolk sac and I was immediately relieved.  She checked on the hyperstimulation too and while my ovaries are still huge and my abdomen is still filled with fluid, she says she thinks it's actually getting somewhat better and isn't too concerned. 

I am beyond thrilled about all of this.  I have been struggling a bit over the weekend.  I'm just not used to doing this with a toddler around!  I didn't realize how hard parts of it could be.  When I was pregnant with Bean I was pretty much nauseous all day long starting around 7 or 8 weeks.  It's started already this time and it's kicking my butt a bit along with the super tiredness.  I also seem to have gotten some kind of stomach bug which made me really nervous.  Hopefully I'm on the mend though and am figuring out how to make this all work this time around.  I'm beyond happy that I have the "problem" of trying to figure out how to make being pregnant work with a toddler, I just need a little time to get there and Bean isn't really willing to wait around while I figure it out.  Hubby has been super supportive though and I really do think I'm feeling a little better from the hyperstimulation, so I'm hopeful that it will all be under control soon.

Now I have to wait it out until next Monday for my next ultrasound.  If I'm remembering correctly there are two more at the RE's office before she would release me to my OB.  I'm so hopeful that things continue to go well and we make it to that point.  I'm not really letting myself think that far ahead yet.  It still feels so unreal and unbelievable, but I have to say that the way my body is feeling is actually kind of a relief.  I'm happy to be feeling this pregnancy everyday because it puts my mind at ease to some degree.  The only time in my life I'm really happy to be nauseous :)  And the only time that I'm so excited for a bowl of chicken soup!  Normally I can't stand the stuff (I have no idea why) but tonight, man did it taste good.


  1. Yeah for seeing the yolk sac and for your hyper-stimulation getting better! I am glad that you will have another u/s on Monday and that they are keeping a close eye on things! I am sorry about the nausea. Being pregnant with a toddler is definitely not easy and it takes some time to figure out a schedule - that is great your DH is very supportive too. That helps so much! Wishing you the best. Hope you feel better!!!

  2. Wonderful news! I know with each ultrasound I felt a bit more sure that it was really happening!

  3. One day at a time, honey. Enjoy the small things. You can take in the general view after a while. But for now, take it one baby step at a time. ;-)
    Glad to hear good news.

  4. Great news!! I hope you continue to feel better (it does slowly get better)!

  5. I am just now getting caught up, but am SO glad to hear the news from your last two posts! How was the next ultrasound? I'm jealous that you got more than 1!! We got the one to verify heartbeat, and I haven't had another since. I can't wait to hear another update!