Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Inspiration: Remembering Funny

As promised, I'm going to start posting a blog every Sunday that inspires me to be more open and honest with my writing.  I have to start with someone I mentioned just the other day, Eve.

Back when I was trying to have a baby for the first time, I discovered Mel's giant list of blogs (thank you Mel!) and started reading and reading and reading.  At the time when I was just getting started, some were too hard to read, some had been abandoned long ago, and some I felt such a connection to.  The first one that I really felt connected to was Eve's blog.  Then she was writing at Infertility Rocks and she was also trying to get pregnant, but for the second time.  It seemed like everything that I was going through (for example, the great med delivery) she went through just a few weeks before me and she wrote so honestly but also with such humor.  I was immediately drawn in and felt like she was helping me along the way.

Eve and I found out that we were pregnant on the same day and although at that time I was just a blog stalker and never commented so she never knew (which I deeply regret), we were going through a lot of things together.  I learned all kinds of things about pregnancy from Eve and she continued to inspire me.  My heart shattered for her the day that I heard she had lost one of her twins, her little guy Will.  And I wouldn't have blamed her for dropping off the web completely at that point.  But she didn't.  She kept blogging, talking about what she was going through, what her family was going through, and let me (and the world) into what must have been one of the most difficult times of her life.

Eve's blog literally changed my life.  First by being there when I so badly needed someone, even though she didn't know it.  Secondly, she inspired me to start my own blog, once again without knowing it.  I felt like if Eve could have done all of this for me without knowing it, then maybe I could do the same for someone else.  So I started writing.  And I'm so very glad that I did.  Eve continues to write as well, and she continues to be one of the blogs that I think of when I'm struggling to find my own voice.  The courage, grace, and humor that she faces life with, and shares with the rest of us, they're pretty awesome.  So thank you Eve, for being one of my blog inspirations and for sharing your story.

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  1. Its amazing how one person who doesn't even know we exist can change our lives. I got started blogging in a similar way. I found a story that I connected with and read her past two years of blogs. It is so helpful to know that we are not alone.