Friday, December 2, 2011

Rocking chair moments

There are times when I'm really tired and I don't appreciate the time I spend with Bean in the rocking chair in her room enough.  When I'm less tired, I relish it because I realize how quickly she's growing and that all too soon, she won't want her mama to be rocking her anymore.  Tonight I had one of those special moments.  I had a rare night out to dinner with some friends and came home just in time for Bean to need a night time snuggle.  It was nice because even though she had been sleeping while I was gone, I missed her.  As I was snuggling and rocking her, she drifted back to sleep and out of nowhere came these little giggles. Such a sweet sound that made me heart feel so full.  I tried to imagine what she might be dreaming about and instead just felt so thankful that she has a life that lets her giggle not just when she's awake, but when she's asleep as well.  It's like she knows just what I need to fill up my empty tank and remind me what a precious gift I have.

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  1. Growing up is such 'sweet sorrow', I honestly never thought it could be so. It is amazing to see how they grow and evolve and it is heartbreaking to see the babyhood slipping away every day. Enjoy the snuggling and the giggles!