Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's official

I started weaning Bean yesterday.  My plan was to start this toward the beginning of August and we were down to just nursing twice a day then (before nap time and bedtime) and then she got strep throat, twice.  So all the sudden we were back to nursing four times a day and I realized recently that it's actually interfering with her sleep at this point instead of helping.  Up until now I think I was having a hard time weaning her because I felt like it was for me, so that we could start trying to have another baby, and I felt a little guilty, but now I see that it's really going to benefit her and so I started yesterday with a renewed conviction.

It went about how I expected.  Not good.  I had already gotten Bean back to nursing just 3 times a day, and I decided to drop her nap time nursing next.  So I took her to the park yesterday morning to tire her out and instead she just wanted me to hold her.  She was already sad by the time we got home and it didn't get any better.  There was a lot of crying on her part and feeling bad on my part, but she went to sleep.  This morning I did a much better job of making her tired and happy (a trip to the pet store never disappoints) and she actually went to sleep without a single tear!  I actually have hope that this may actually happen and that hopefully it won't be as painful as I had thought.  Or, today could be a fluke and the rest of the week will be a nightmare.  Either way I'm thrilled that we had at least one day where things went well.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


  1. I have absolutely no piece of advice. But I am thinking of you and hope that it goes the way you want it. It would be nice to have something go smoothly, won't it?

  2. No advice, as our Monkey pretty much weaned himself due to my drop in supply. I would have loved to have kept on nursing this summer, but it is hard because you do have to stop for treatment...I wasn't expecting that I had to wait an entire month, just for the prolactin to leave my system, before I could even begin the new round of testing, before treatment could begin. GL to you! I hope it works well and seamlessly with Bean, and for you!

  3. Thinking of you!! I'm glad you're feeling better about starting weaning. I'm also glad it's going smoothly...good luck!