Monday, September 12, 2011

Not enough time in the day

I've been having a hard time finding time to write lately.  I've spent time every day in the last week on the phone with my parents trying to figure out how to help them in the situation they're currently in.  Their house isn't flooded and the roads around them are starting to reopen, but they still don't have power, so I'm their source of information.  They are doing fine, much better then they think they are.  I can imagine how frustrating it must be, but from here I can see how devastated so many people in the area are.  They are very lucky to have their home untouched.

On top of that Bean is sick again.  I'm not totally sure what's wrong.  She has a fever and yesterday was not herself at all.  Lethargic, fussy, not hungry.  Today seems better but the fever is still sticking around.  So I'm keeping an eye on her for now.  Hopefully it's just a little virus that will run it's course.  I can see her wiggling around in her crib right now so I doubt I have much more time to finish my thoughts.  She doesn't seem to sleep for more then an hour anymore during the day, no matter when her nap is or how much she sleeps at night.  I can tell she needs more sleep, but I'm not sure how to make that happen.  So we just keep working on it.

I'm hoping to have more time soon to put my thoughts together.  I have a lot of half started posts that I want to have time to finish and get up.  I just have to convince Bean to give me some time to do it!  And I apologize for not checking in more with everyone else lately.  I'm trying!


  1. I understand seems like time disappears faster and faster every day!

  2. Thank God your parents are alright.
    Hope Bean feels better soon.