Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jumping through hoops

Well, I finally decided to take Bean to the doctor today and found out that she has strep throat.  Again.  This is the second time in less then a month.  And the last time it wasn't so much fun recovering.  The antibiotic gave her some digestive problems and even though I tried pumping her with yogurt, it didn't do the trick.  She didn't sleep well for the whole ten days and only wanted her mama.  I was exhausted by the end.  So the idea that it's starting all over again, is hard to imagine for several reasons.  The lack of sleep and how sad I feel that she's sick again, and I didn't know how badly until now.  Her doctor gave me some tips though so hopefully the recovery won't be so bad this time.  I do realize that I'm very luck that all she has is strep throat and am thankful for that.

What's really frustrating though is that our pediatrician recommended that both hubby and I (and pup pup interestingly) get tested to be sure we aren't carriers since Bean has had strep so close together.  So we called our doctor to go get a strep test and they won't give us a same day appointment (or an appointment before three weeks from now) unless we're sick. We explained the situation several times and were told to call back tomorrow and say that we're sick, even though we aren't, and we'll get an appointment for tomorrow.  I think this is pretty ridiculous.  Why is it so hard to try to get someone to help you avoid getting sick instead of just getting better when you are sick???  I just want to be sure I don't keep reinfecting my daughter again and again and I either have to wait three weeks or lie?  Ugh, health care, why are you so backwards???


  1. That's no fun at all! Why do people insist upon not being accommodating--is it really so hard to be decent? Instead...you have to lie. hmm...ironic. Can you go to a Minute Clinic etc (whatever is inside CVS/Walgreens) and get a strep test?

  2. Such a good idea! I'll look into that tomorrow morning. Thank you!!

  3. This is why I am thankful again and again for the wonderful insurance we have. Honestly, worth every eurocent.
    Hope poor Bean is getting better soon and that you get to the bottom of this strep thingie.
    Good luck and speedy recovery.

  4. Thanks ladies! I looked into the drugstore clinics and the closest one was an hour away. So I just called our doctor and told the true. The receptionist really kept trying to get me to say I was sick, but I didn't, I just kept repeating what our pediatrician said and asked us to do and she finally gave up and just gave us appointments. Neither of us tested positive thus far, although they're waiting for more detailed results. So it looks like we might just be unlucky. Really though, I will lie if I absolutely have to, but this just seems ridiculous to me, and I'm glad I didn't.