Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stuck in the moment

A few weeks ago there were several really heartbreaking stories in LFCA.  Well, that's not totally true.  I feel like every week there are heartbreaking stories in LFCA, but those are usually infertility related and those I'm somewhat prepared for.  These were stories of people who have had the rug pulled out from under their lives.  People who have lost family members in an instant.  And those stories I can't shake because it feels like it could so easily be us.  Our little family.  And that weighs on me heavily.  I know that eventually I'll stop thinking about it as much and in the same way, but right now I just keep running the words on those blogs through my mind and remind myself how precious each moment in life is.  So bear with me because I've written post after post and somehow it just doesn't seem like they fit right now.  It seems like other people have so much more to say and are in need of a thoughtful ear more then I am.  My thoughts are with them, and all of you, hoping that your lives are quite ordinary tonight.

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