Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well, the last week has been nutty.  My parents officially live here.  The movers have come and gone, and left a million boxes.  We've been trying to figure out this whole living close to each other thing and it's had it's difficulties but has actually been going pretty well.  And yesterday, I had my hysteroscopy.

That, was not so much fun.  I mean, as far as surgeries go, it's an easy one for sure.  But compared to my last hysteroscopy, it was really different.  Last time I had the hysteroscopy and was pretty much fine by that evening.  I had some discomfort from the catheter that they put in, but otherwise was fine.  We actually ended up having to drive about 5 hours to my in-laws because my father-in-law was really sick and I was fine to make the trip.  I have no idea if it makes a difference or not but last time I was just having my septum made smaller (For those of you who don't know, a septum is a growth of tissue that divides the uterus from the top down.  It can be problematic if an embryo tries to implant there because there isn't enough blood supply to support a growing baby.) and this time I was having a polyp removed and the doctor took a little more off my septum.

Anyway, for whatever reason it kicked my butt a bit this time.  One of my friends took me up for the surgery which was super nice because hubby was home with Bean and it was great to have someone sit and wait with me.  Although I did feel bad when they started asking questions about things like my last bowel movement.  I mean we're good friends, but that's one thing we don't usually share.  Everything was going well, the nurses were fantastic, my doctor was great, but when I was all done I felt yucky.  I swear last time they just sedated me and this time they used general anesthesia.  They also gave me some pain medicine after I woke up because I was feeling a little crampy (although I think a couple over the counter pain meds would have done the trick) and I immediately felt sick to my stomach.  The anti-nausea stuff they gave me next didn't really do the trick so I was having a hard time, and still am to some degree, with that.

Since everything went so smoothly last time, hubby thought he'd be kind and bring Bean up to sit with me while I had my juice and crackers before they sent me home.  He had no idea I'd be as out of it as I was and feeling so yucky.  So it was a little tricky trying to interact with her at the hospital, but we got through and went home and I slept for most of the evening and night last night.  I feel better today but still not great.  I had told hubby that he should be able to go back to work and that was foolish of me.  I really needed him here today and luckily he was able to make that happen.  I just still feel a bit off.  My head hurts, my throat hurts where the breathing tube was, I'm uncomfortable because of the catheter, and I still feel kind of foggy and slightly nauseous.  I'm hoping by the time I wake up tomorrow, I'm back to my usual self.  We'll see.  I seem to be improving a bit all day.

Tomorrow I have to start taking estrogen for 5 days or so to help everything heal.  Amazingly, I have no real pain from the surgery itself, which is wonderful.  We have to sit out a cycle to wait for everything to heal so I'm guessing we'll be back in the game around May.  That's a good month for us though.  Bean's birthday, my birthday, hubby and my anniversary, and the anniversary of our little pup-pup joining the family are all in May.  I feel like good things happen that month.  So I'm going to focus on resting, healing, and being ready when the time comes.  Because really, there isn't anything else I can do right now.


  1. May sounds like your lucky month! I am sorry your surgery was so rough. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Sounds like things went ok considering. Sorry that it was a bit rough, but I had to laugh at sharing your bowel movements when your friend was there!

    Here's to hoping that the next cycle will be it, and we will get to share pregnancy together!

  3. Stinks that it was so rough, but I'm glad you are starting to feel better! I'll send some positive thoughts for May your way right now since I may not be able to keep my eyes open once May gets here.

  4. Wow that sounds rough :( I'm sorry it didn't go as smoothly as last time and hope you start feeling better soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for a wonderful, lucky May!

  5. Thanks so much for all the good thoughts ladies! I surely needed them. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for May too! It does seem to be a lucky month for us.