Thursday, November 1, 2012

A small update

I feel like I say this again and again, but time keeps chugging along and I can't keep up.  I have several half written posts that haven't made it to completion.  The one that I struggled with the most and I regret not finishing is the one about Stella.  If you haven't had a chance to read her story or give your condolences to her amazing parents, stop by.  I spent over a year following her story and it has honestly changed me in many ways.  I only wish something could have been done to keep her here.

We are currently in a bit of a pickle, although it really isn't huge when I think about Stella or even other people reeling from the storm that just came through the Northeast.  We've been without power since Monday night and are currently staying with a kind friend of ours as we don't have any idea really when it will be back.  Since we've lived in our house, I've gone through the no power for days on end routine multiple times and hubby and I are seriously considering investing in a generator at this point.  I am ever thankful that we have had people to help us and keep us out of the cold the last few times, but I have to admit that I miss being at home in our normal routine.  Bean clearly misses it too, she's been out of sorts all week and our little fluff ball hasn't been eating much himself.

In all of the craziness that the last few days have brought, I hit the last week before the third trimester comes with little fanfare.  It's hard to believe that we've come this far already.  I am thankful that things have been relatively uneventful and hope that they stay that way.  I'm getting bigger and bigger but still have moments of anxiety until I feel that little one bopping around in there, then things ease up a bit (that's a hint little one, start bopping!).  We have a lot on our plate to get done before January, but I have come to realize over the last few days and weeks that it really doesn't matter.  They are all things that would be nice to accomplish but the main objective is to have a healthy baby and a healthy mama at the end of all this.  If we accomplish just that, I will be more happy then I can say.

I know this isn't a real post or much of an update.  I've been trying to keep up with everyone amidst all the craziness with various levels or success.  Hopefully once the power comes back and life gets a little closer to normal, I'll be able to tackle that all a bit better.

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